​My life as a housewife is truly amazing….and hectic, wild, crazy, busy, exciting, joyous, and utterly surprising. I never thought in my life by the time I was 23 I would have been married for three years, with a three-year old, and a one year old. But that is exactly where life has taken me and it has been the adventure of a lifetime.

My amazing husband is supportive, strong, and my best friend. He works so hard to support his family and I am proud to say he is a man in uniform…a good looking one at that. It wasn’t love at first sight, more like hate at first sight, but I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect partner.

My three-year old, now he is my emotional one. He is a blonde haired, brown eyed, ball of crazy energy. My first-born, I instantly knew being a mother was what I wanted to do. He changed me in a way no one could. He’s loving, caring, crazy, spontaneous, and my little heart breaker. ​

My little one, where do I even begin. I did not think I could love another child like I did my first, but the moment they put him in my arms I couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He was so handsome and tiny. My baby bear was the nickname he got, his little grunts and growls and that perfect tan made it so fitting. He is crazy and wild.​ Definitely have my hands full with him.

Now me, ​wife and mom of two. I am a shopaholic, girly girl, with a wild side for piercings and tattoos. Ask my opinion and I’ll tell you what I think even if it’s not what you want to hear. My mom taught me to be strong. I live my life day-to-day and you never know whats going to happen in this household.


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