Must haves for baby #3

I’ve teamed up with The Baby Cubby to give you my list of must haves for our third baby! It was super hard not to go overboard this time, but I honestly knew that I did not need a lot. Clothes are a must. I mean naked babies are cute and all but probably not the best 100% of the time haha. Diapers. Because well ya know poop. 

4Moms Mamaroo

A must in our house is a swing. Especially baby #3, without one I would get nothing done. The Mamaroo has by far been my favorite swing I have ever had. And Ellie of course loves it!


I have always co-slept with all my babes. It’s not for everyone, but for my sanity and all the late night nursing sessions that is the route we go. The dockatot is really as great as everyone makes it out to be. She sleeps great, which means mama sleeps great. Plus I get that added comfort knowing she has her own little spot.

Gathre Mat

I needed a great changing pad. Something that was not an eyesore and versatile. This Gathre micro mat is so perfect. So easy to keep clean and small enough to throw in any bag. 

Memory Book

I do not have a baby book from when I was little so I knew that I wanted to do one for all of my children. I absolutely love this simplicity and style of this Lucy Darling Memory Book. They are so perfect and keep all the important details for them to have as they get older.


Muslin blankets are a must in our house. They are super breathable and can be used from infant to toddler age. Little Unicorn has some amazingly soft and gorgeous options available. Perfect for those Utah days and nights. Saranoni has become my go to for super soft blankets. Their minky colors and texture are perfect for your little ones to grow with.

Tubby Todd

A good soap and lotion, a total must. Both of my boys and I have sensitive skin so I knew I wanted something the would be gentle on her skin. And I smells AMAZEBALLS! Just try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Freshly Picked Moccs

Okay, not a MUST HAVE must have lol but all my kids had a first pair of shoes so she had to as well. We are big supporters of FP so of course she needed some Moccs to start out her collection. They are great for little feet all the way into their toddler years.

All these things are available from The Baby Cubby! They are a one stop shop from all your baby needs. They really stood out to me, always engaging with their customers and making sure they have the best to offer. From pregnancy and beyond they are there for you. You can go to them knowing that they have been there and they understand how frustrating and hard it can be to find the best for your littles. They’ve tested out these products for you so they can tell you exactly what you are getting. Plus, they price match! Your not going to see that too often if ever! You can get out more about them here

Ellie Luka – July 21st

Sorry for the delay! We have just been so crazy busy over here. Between our newest edition, we are also moving into a house and Bentleigh is got his tonsils out and starting school. August is crazy to say the least.

It all start basically Sunday, July 17th. I had been having a ton of contractions the week before. Having steady contractions was a normal occurance for me. I started having contractions when I was 13 weeks this go around. I could tell that they were starting to get stronger and more intense though that week. Saturday night I was having a ton but I refused to go in just to sit for a few hours and go home. Sunday I woke up and had a ton of pressure. So I went in, only after my husband pressured me and told me I was going to end up having the baby at home. When I got there my contractions picked up and were every 3-5 minutes apart. I was only at 1.5 cm though but because of my history of preterm labor I had to stay. Well to my surprise, my contractions got stronger and stronger. Even the shot they gave me to stop them only worked for about 20 minutes until they picked up again. They finally gave my a shot for pain around 8 at night. Between 8 and midnight I progressed to a 4, which of course meant I got to stay over night. At that point I was just happy the pain was being managed because the back labor was miserable and being stuck in that bed didn’t make it any better. When I woke up at 8 in the morning I was still at 4 cm so thankfully I got to go home! I slept pretty much that whole Monday. Back labor is no joke people! Tuesday I had my weekly appointment and my midwife told me not to be surprised if she was not here by the end of the week.

Fast forward to Thursday. I had an appointment to go get checked that morning so I sent the boys to a sitter so we could go and then spend some last minute time together. We went shopping and got lunch. After that we hung out at families with the boys for a little bit. And bam, water breaks at like 4:30. Seriously the strangest feeling in the world. My water has always been broken in the hospital. Shaeson was laughing hysterically because I was so concerned about getting fluid everywhere and every time I laughed it gushed out. Basically stand in one spot and don’t move and you will not gush fluid every where.

We got up to the hospital and got settled. The nurse checked me and I was 6 cm. At that point I decided I was going to get an epidural after Sunday’s back labor even though I was terrified after my last epidural, but my guy was amazing and made the process as easy and painless as possible. After I settled down and got cleaned up she checked me and I was only at 7 cm. My contractions had not picked up yet so they were still only every 7-10 minutes apart. We decided to start pitocin.

Not too long after thing got intense. I started to feel my contractions all in my back even with the epidural. Nothing to crazy but definitely had to stop and take a breath. My nurse checked me and sure enough, not only was I ready but she was basically coming out. My midwife luckily was at the hospital and he came in and him and Shaeson gowned up. I got ready, Shaeson got into catching position, and my midwife watched very carefully while giving him instructions on what to do. People always joke that she must have just slid out, but no really she basically did haha. My first contraction I pushed and my midwife yelled “Whoa stop pushing.” And she was here at 7:50 PM! Having Shaeson deliver her was such an amazing experience. We made her together and brought her into this world together. I can’t thank my midwife enough for allowing that special moment. Although now he thinks he’s a pro and ready to deliver any baby that may need it haha. All of this excitement happened in 3 hours and 20 minutes!

Our 35 week 5 day rainbow baby came into this world so quietly. Honestly I was worried because she just was not crying, just laying there looking around. We did immediate skin to skin and waited for the cord to stop pulsing before we clamped it. They only took her for a quick second to check her out. She nursed within her first 30 minutes of life like a pro. Our smallest baby at 5 lbs 7 oz and 18 in long. She is the perfect addition to our family. We are so grateful for her and the boys are just smitten. I can’t imagine a better labor and birthing experience for my last baby. It was literally a dream come true.

Crib Moccs – Freshly Picked

You guys know my obsession with Freshly Picked. Honestly, it was pretty depressing when Hurleigh grew out of the largest size they make in soft sole. Luckily they have their hard sole Moccs now, but a little part of me was mourning never getting the canvas bag with a pair of Moccs again. Then surprise! New baby, new Moccs of course. 
With our new little girl on the way it opened up to all the perfect glittery, floral Moccs Freshly Picked had. The tiny little crib Moccs were enough to make your heart stop they were so cute. We discovered Freshly Picked when Hurleigh was already in a size 3-4 so all these tiny sizes are a whole new world to me. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw their newest crib Moccs!

Introducing Wink, Ebony, Daisy, & Blossom! The newest size 0 to hit the shop. Perfect for the little girl in your life, exciting right, I’m seriously in love. And since I basically lived a monochrome life before I found out I was having a girl, the addition of Ebony was more than I could handle! The perfect neutral to any littles wardrobe! 

All 4 of these will be available at Freshly Picked on Tuesday, July 12th @ 10 AM MST! Snag one or all for your newest little!

Beka Price Photography


Being pregnant with a little girl has brought on a whole other level of feeling feminine. I do not know how to describe it other than I used to hate everything pink and floral, basically I lived in all things black, white, and grey. Now, my world has been turned upside down and I am feeling like a whole new woman. I am a girl mom. Beka really captured that feeling in these photos. She picked this amazing light pink dress and bright pink peonies, old me would have cringed at the though.



I can not wait for this little girl to get here so we can all love on her. This pregnancy has been such a mix of emotions. The love we have for our little rainbow baby is more than we could have ever imagined.


For now just enjoy all the first set of photos from Beka Price Photography. She is such a genuinely nice person and I am so glad I had that chance to meet her and spend some time with her. Her talent is beyond amazing and she not only captures stunning maternity photos but also the sweetest captures of your newborn. Go check her out and show her some love!

Thanksgiving with Arvo

I recently got the chance to party with Freshly Picked and in the awesome swag bag I received an Arvo watch. I have been dying for one and it has been on my list of gifts I want for any holiday since I first came across them. The are the perfect simple watch to style with any outfit, casual or dressed up.


I love leopard print. It is one of my favorite neutrals. Yes, I am that girl haha. For me, dressing up is just an every day thing. I always get people asking me why I am so dressed up, but this is just me. I don’t know how to not get ready. I love this super simple skater dress from H&M. It is finally cold here in Utah so tights were a must. Black tights and black booties were perfect. The watch was the perfect accessory. This is the white Time Sawyer in espresso. I love the contrast between the white and dark, with the gold accents. 
Right now is the percent time to snag one if you have been eyeing one! Starting today at at 8 MST and running through Cyber Monday, you can get 20% off everything on the site with code BLACKCYBER2015. The first 300 orders will receive a pair of limit edition Arvo socks. So make sure you are ready to snag one for you and everyone on your list!


Freshly Picked Black Tuesday!

We love, love, love Freshly Picked. That is no surprise. So I am sharing with you their biggest sale of the year! Today, starting at 10 am MST until tomorrow at 10 am MST, select mocc styles will be 25% off with a deeper discount on apparel! It is the perfect time to stock up on those colors you have been wanting all year. And there may or may not be an amazing surprise unvailed today!

To sweeten the deal, use code “FPBLACKTUESDAY” to receive van extra 15% off your entire purchase! 

So get ready, put your game face on, and get your game plan together. It’s about time!

Link to their web site // Freshly Picked


Odarling <3

Hi guys! I am back again. Two times in one week, I know that is completely unheard of from me lol. With all this time on my hands….I’m totally joking…I figured it was time to step up my game. Deja vu? Yeah, happened to me too because I swear I’ve said that before. I’ll try, there ya go haha.



BUUUUT, today I bring to you Odarling Clothing. The name says it all. I am so super, duper, ecstatic that I get to share this brand with you. I am officially obsessed. Handmade shops are still one of my favorite, always have been, always will be. As someone who sews stuff for my own kids, I can appreciate all the time and effort that goes into each piece. It is truly made with love straight from the heart because I know she is up late nights, just sewing away to ship all her amazing items out to each little babe. Emma is a one woman show at Odarling, home of the OG X pants. And she is a completely gorgeous mama too! Double threat for ya!

od1 od9

Comfort is key in our house. I promise as much as everyone wants to believe that my kids look like little hipsters all the time, that is just not true. Sweats and tees people. That is the reality of our life. With the transition into fall we get to be super exciting and add a sweater or flannel to that. Your mind is being blown, I know lol.

od2 od3 od4

But to be completely serious, you need these pants. Really, you need anything you can get your hand on from Odarling. Your kids and you will be so happy. Comfort and style all lovingly sewn into one tiny pair of pants. It does not get much better than that. But what could make it even better?? Comfy clothes and a DISCOUNT! Head over there now to snag some for your littles and use code “bahlbabiesodarling” for 15% off your purchase! She is sweet and gave y’all a discount, I told you Emma is super awesome!



Joggers // Odarling Clothing

Tank // Neve and Hawk

White tee // H&M

“Dont Be Basic” // Sugar and Snail LLC

“Stand up Stand out Stand tall” // Badger and Rue

Blankets // Minky Couture